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Looking to buy a quality used piano for a good price? Norm Roberts looks into each piano before he lists them on his site- ensuring each listing is true and safe for buyers. Piano owners in your local area.

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Rare Steinway Art Deco Model ‘P’ Upright Piano


Rare Steinway Art Deco Model ‘P’ Upright Piano for sale by original owner. A classic design with matching bench that is in great shape and excellent condition for its age. Ivory key tops, beautiful red mahogany veneer, and sound board perfect with no cracks or splits. Full rich Steinway sound. No corrosion or rust on strings and pin block tight. Piano action is in great shape. While hammers do show moderate wear, they still sound great. Piano was used by daughter who was studying classical piano, it was meticulously maintained and cared for. Additionally, the piano was never abused or mistreated, never subjected to direct sunlight so the original finish is still in great shape. House is being sold and piano must be sold. Current fair market value $4,500, no reasonable offer refused.

Location: Manahawkin, NJ
Price: No reasonable offer refused - current fair market value $4,500
Call: 201-463-3718 call John

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Steinway Grand Model


Historic antique Steinway for sale. Length is 6’10". As per Steinway Piano Company: the entire Grand Piano was completed on October 7, 1876. Owner wishes to donate this piano to a school, museum, civic organization or some other nonprofit establishment with verifiable 501(c)(3) status. This piano was professional rebuilt in 1983. Current owner has all the original documentation and receipts. This piano was professionally appraised for $55,000 in 2008. In its present condition this piano is in need of repairs which have reduced the fair market value of the piano to approximately $32,000. The necessary repairs are in the process of being completed.

Overall Impression: This is an incredibly rich sounding, wonderful, amazing piano with incredible tone. It has a deep, full sound. Dynamic range is all encompassing from soft pianissimo tones to full, rich thunderous accompaniment and solo playing. The rebuild of this piano is an excellent example of fine, professional piano craftsmanship and technicality. Every detail in the rebuilding process has been meticulously addressed and completed to a state of near perfection.

To inquire about this piano or to receive more complete, detailed information contact Sam Cammarato.

Location: Bayville, New Jersey
Price: Willing to donate to a school, museum, civic organization or some other nonprofit establishment WITH verifiable 501(c)(3) status.
Call: 973-951-4455 ask for Sam Cammarato

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Otto Altenburg Model OA700R Grand Piano

6’11 inches by 6’, beautiful piano for sale. Classic look, matching bench needs reconditioning. Has the potential to be a truly great piano, but needs work. Case/exterior- great shape, keys: very good, no chips, scratches, good alignment, and good feel. Soundboard: excellent, no cracks or separations, lyre and pedals: right pedal: quiet and proper lift, left pedal works, and middle pedal not working. Hammers: good but needs work. Strings need to be replaced and action needs reconditioning to make this piano playable. Best offer. House being sold and looking to sell piano.

Location: New Jersey - call for location
Price: Best Offer!
Call: 201-232-5300 ask for Biagio

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Hammond Organ Model H 143

This model is in excellent shape! Original owner, beautiful walnut veneer in excellent condition, no scratches or any other type of damage. All keys and stops are in working order. Amazing sound. Asking $500 or best offer.

Location: Brick, NJ
Price: $500 or best offer
Call: 732-267-6091 ask for Pat

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Knabe Grand Piano

Circa mid 1940’s in very good condition. Medium walnut veneer, new white key tops and sharps with all keys and pedals working. High quality rock solid construction. This piano has big, clear, rich tone with great dynamic range. Hammers, dampers, and action show very little wear. Owners are moving and downsizing, and are unable to bring this beautiful piano to their new home. All reasonable offers seriously considered.

Location: Toms River, NJ
Price: $1,200
Call: 732-267-6091 ask for Amy

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Yamaha c7 Grand Piano

Beautiful piano for sale with working Yamaha Disklavier System. Pristine condition and hardly played. Everything in excellent condition: keys, case, finish, hammers, strings, dampers, sound board, pins, pin block, and all other parts. Last tuned on February 2021. Moving and downsizing to smaller home. No Reasonable offer refused.

Location: Bayville, NJ
Price: No reasonable offer refused
Call: 848-992-0064 ask for Jing

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Sohmer Cupid Baby Grand Piano

Last tuned 1/26/2021. Classic vintage design with beautiful curves. Dark walnut color and PERFECT ivory keys! Natural finish walnut dampers. Amazing action and wonderful touch. Unique Sohmer tone: full clear bass, and brilliant mid and treble section. No reasonable offer refused.

Location: Lakewood, NJ
Price: $3,000 - no reasonable offer refused
Call: 732-­534-1795 ask for Magid

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Mehlin Baby Grand Piano

Very good condition, well cared for, and recently tuned piano for sale. Attractive walnut finish and beautiful sound. No chips or nicks on the keys, and all pedals are working. Moving and MUST GO. No reasonable offer refused.

Location: Manahawkin, NJ
Price: $800
Call: 973-525-2248 ask for Rick

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